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Work: Two Case Studies

Case Study 1: Eastside Fixer - before

This little property was expected sell for land value only. This is how the tiles looked AFTER a deep clean. At this point, interior painting and deep cleaning had already taken place for the entire home. The before-before photo was even worse!


We decided to go ahead and paint the tiles, to simply "remove" the negative.

With a few Scandinavian touches, and a new bright clean look, this property sold at list, despite being priced as if already-renovated and modernized!

However, it was ALL STAGING and a little paint. Shazam!
Here, you see the long shot from the opposite end of the home. Notice we kept the furnishings simple and believable for this price point, but still current and modern.

Case Study 2: Dark & Dated Condo... before

Normally undaunted, my spirits sank when I entered this cold dark condo. Both the concrete floors and the granite counters were black. It had a hard edged commercial feeling. The single bedroom was a dungeon. Walking out onto the balcony, however, I caught sight of a cheerful cerulean blue swimming pool just below! I thought, why not re-imagine this as a beach condo, taking a cue from the nearby water?


Can you believe the difference? There are marine details thoughout, and plenty of rugs, fabric, and texture. This little condo sold right away! See my gallery for more shots of this beauty.

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